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News Letter

About Hue Tourism College (HUETC)

- Hue Tourism College (HUETC) was established in 1999 and upgraded into Hue Tourism College in 2007. It belongs to the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism of Viet Nam

- Headquarter: 04 Tran Quang Khai st, Hue city, Viet Nam

"Mission":  The Hue Tourism College is a comprehensive higher educational institution, fulfilling a national and international role in providing full-time and part-time programmes in tourism and hospitality disciplines, across the whole spectrum of higher education. Hue Tourism College aims to achieve this in a responsive, caring and flexible learning environment

"Vision" : Hue Tourism College is committed; to be a high quality training institution in Viet Nam; to providing access to students of all ages and backgrounds, and to achieving quality and excellence in all aspects of education and training for in tourism and hospitality subjects”.

"Objectives" : The main objectives for the establishment of HueTC :

- To offer theoretical and practical programs in tourism and Hospitality operation and management. To  utilize available resources of the College  to equip students with interdisciplinary knowledge, to provide  professional skills  and to practice professional attitude  for students.

- To contribute to scienttific research and applied studies related to the College speciallizations.

- Serve community and sustainable education by introducing training courses, and providing consultations

Two stages of development:

- Stage 1 (1999 - Dec.2007 ) : Hue Tourism School.

- Stage 2 ( 2007 - Now ) :  Hue Tourism College.